Errorno 17 Persist

I’ve been trying to install LoL (NA) and when It gets into the extraction it returns me an error

[Errno 17] File exists: ‘’

This is easy to fix in real time, but if you want to try yourself in a vacuum, either:

  1. remove all wine versions from lutris using the wine manager (you will need to add 8-26 as the default wine and 7,2-2 if you had it specifically for older games after you have completed the LOL install) leaving only the 8-27 lol wine version. Check the target folder (normally ~/Games) and delete any league-of-legends folder then the install should run
  2. use git to clone the lutris github master and in the /bin folder that it cloned, run ./lutris, install LOL then close lutris and launch lutris from your normal shortcut

It is a known issue that is fixed for the next release.

Ty so much! it worked but now in the installation when I try to install it returns me a json error that says: “the prefix was not created”

you need to remove the existing league-of-legends folder in the target location eg /home/deck/Games/league-of-legends (this is the default location where deck is the user name for the Steam deck, for you it will be the user you logged in with)