Error when launching HOTS through

Hi everyone.
First, i must admit i am very new to Linux. So if you ask any logs of me, it would be very nice if you told me how i find them :slight_smile:

So. I installed POP OS 20.04. Followed a youtube guide on how to set it up for gaming.

I installed with lutris. Installed HOTS. But when i run the game i get this error:

I do not know what to do. If anyone could try to help me as HOTS is my go-to game :slight_smile:

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That makes two of us, though I’m on Linux Mint 20. :handshake:
Seems like we both missed the instructions after downloading. Here’s a vid showing how to do it. It runs great. Hope that helped!

Thank you sir!
Will try this tonight.

If it works your my hero this week!

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