Error when installing battlenet ap


I have an issue to install, starcraft 2 on manjaro linux. I use a Asus 3830TG with 18.1.1 Manjaro xfce version. It’s a hybrid video card laptop. I installed optimus and

I followed many installation guides , but every time I have a same error the starts to intall then it stops and gives me this error: BLZBNTBTS0000004A ( internet connection problem)
I guess I missing some dependencie to install the app.


Could somebody please help me how could I fix this problem and how could I play blizzard games on manjaro?

Sorry for the necro.

I had this problem and I solved it by changing my DNS in resolv.conf to

Edit: I clean installed Pop!_OS today to see if with a clean install this problem existed. It did for me, and instead of changing the DNS in resolv.conf I connected to the internet through my VPN (NordVPN) and all was working perfect.

Don’t know what the problem causes, but there is a fix.