Error trying to run GameCube game

I get the following error when trying to launch a GameCube game with the Dolphin runner:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I do not get this error when launching Dolphin and running the game.

The runtime should be disabled for Dolphin to work (it compiled on 16.04 while the runtime is based on Ubuntu 14.04).

Next release of Lutris will disable the runtime by default for Dolphin so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

I disabled the runtime and it still gave the same error. I should have mentioned I am running on Arch.

I just made the custom executable link to “dolphin-emu” and it works fine this way.

Thanks for a great program :slight_smile: Peace and love

Hi, I have the same problem and don’t really understand what to do. I am running Debian stretch, Lutris version is 4.6
It doesn’t matter if I use a custom executable or the default option of lutris. Any input on this matter?

Do you have any errors when running Lutris from a terminal?