Error: trying to run DOSBox

I’m trying to run The Elder Scrolls Arena with DOSBox, and get the following error in the log:

/.local/share/lutris/runners/dosbox/bin/dosbox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

However, does not yet exist for ubuntu. Is there a way to enable the current ubuntu package (libfluidsynth2 version 2.1.1-2) ? I’m running Ubuntu focal 20.04.6.


Quite simply, yes there is a way. Compile and install a newer fluidsynth to /usr/local (don’t remove your Ubuntu distro package)

Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn’t make stuff like that easy if you don’t have the box set up for it because they separate out -dev versions of packages that contain necessary headers and stuff for linking against when compiling software.

I’ll get you started:

sudo apt install build-essential

(download .tar.gz file of the source code)

Build instructions:

Building on Linux

If your distribution already has a packaged FluidSynth, you may simply install it using >the package manager, as described here. You can also grab the build dependencies >automatically by running a command such as

sudo apt-get build-dep fluidsynth --no-install-recommends

which should work under Debian/Ubuntu. To build from source please follow the >common tips