Error in Debian 11 for install Lutris

I have Debian 11 (bullseye)

When I’m trying to install Lutris, I can see the follow problem:

Els següents paquets tenen dependències sense satisfer:
lutris : Depèn: gir1.2-webkit2-4.1 però no és instal·lable
Recomana: libwine-development però no és instal·lable
E: No es poden corregir els problemes, teniu paquets retinguts que estan trencats.

Can someone kindly help me? It will be always work since yesterday (18/03/2023)

I am looking to hear from you soon

Best regards

You’ve got broken, version specific package dependencies there. It’s the package that’s wrong, not you.

You can force it, but apt will complain on every subsequent transaction.

Alternatively, you can just leave your current lutris package installed, download the tarball and run it from location as bin/lutris