Error 9S League of Legends

Hi, a newbie in Linux here. LoL won’t allow me to play (when hovered over the play button, it’ll be gray and say “Error 9S, we need to contact our servers blablabla…” which doesnt ofc occur in Windows users). In the Leagueonlinux reddit its been widely debated these days (because this error happens since patch 10.13) and apparently they’ve found some inconsistent workarounds that dont work for me at all. It’s been mentioned how Ubuntu users (which is my case, 19.10) have been more unlucky finding success. Here’s a list of stuff I’ve tried:

  • Restarting the game
  • Restarting the PC
  • Disconnecting for a long period of time, then reconnecting
  • Installing another version of the Lutris page
  • Installing the game via Riot installer, then configuring it manually via Lutris
  • Erase the Riot Client folder (which alllows to play, but without friendlist nor level or missions bar)
  • Installing the LoL + blitz version (which gets stuck at 0093:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventUnregister (deadbeef) stub.)
  • Opening .exe in a wine prefix (the riotservices stuff, didnt work either)
  • Changing runner from 5.6 to 5.5 to 5.0
  • Erasing BOTH Riot Client folders
  • Erasing the DATA folder
  • Using the Repair tool from the client a thousand times

Anything of these work. I’ll gladly provide any info required in that regard, but i’m desperate. What can I do?

It works for me but I had to update the game in my windows then reboot to linux then copy it to match lutris path of old installation.

holy crap no other way? could you upload please so we can test? that’d be much appreciated <3

Ok I dont know whats wrong but yesterday it didnt work again but now it works. I did nothing. Magic?

Hmm I’ve got the same trouble once again and started full client repair in client settings. Now it seems to work.

Encountered the same error, what fixed it was to simply reinstall the game. Still, a day later the error returned.
Full client repair did not help unfortunately.

I contacted support about this and they provided some information. They said it was a problem with the game communicating with the league servers. I was given these three IP addresses to test. I think they go from specific to general. The top one is the one I think is most important, while the lower ones are testing connectivity in general.

To do the test, it would probably be best to use the Right-click option of “Open wine console” and try the ping from there. For me, I’m not able to ping anything from inside of the wine prefix. But even outside the prefix, I can’t reach the address.

I could be having some network problems in general, so that’s always a possibility.

At last there’s a solution :

We have to temporary change the latency of the network device, to made the Riot client working completely :
Add 500 milliseconds of delay :
Find your enp name with ifconfig command.
Then execute this in a terminal :
sudo tc qdisc add dev ‘your enp’ root netem delay 500ms
Start the Riot launcher. When it’s loaded, the “Play” button should be blue (working).
Remove the latency delay :
sudo tc qdisc del dev eth0 root
Then launch a game.
(Original solution posted here :

Edit July 14 : Finally, Riot fixed this with a very small update …