Error 2023 when installing World of Warships

Since the release of World of Warships version 0.9.8 I have not been able to update the game or install it. The Wargaming Center opens and works but when I try and install the game it fails to install with error code 2023. According to the Wargaming forum that is a general install error. Lutris -d output below.

Same error encountered… The game works fine on steam.

I get the same error when I try to install World of tanks, the problem is that World of Tanks isn’t available on Steam.

Work around : With playonlinux Install the 5.11-staging AMD64 version. Configure your lutris runner to use this version. Update will now download and install. When done, close WGC and reconfigure your runner to use the initial lutris wine version. You’re done. The game is now updated and running.

My system had Win 5.16 installed already. Configured runner to use 5.16 . Installed without an issue. Game runs fine with Wine version 5.16. Think the runner just needs to be updated to a newer version of Wine.