ePSXe Runner

Please add a ePSXe runner. ePSXe is the best PS1 emulator out there.

use Retroarch/Libretro (alias Bettle HW) instead, it’s a very nice Linux native replacement.

I am not a fan of Retroarch. It is way too much, I prefer ePSXe.

You prefer Epsxe, use Epsxe with WIne, even if it is today a less advanced PS1 emulator than Retroarch.

ePSXe is available on Linux. I have the latest version installed. I did try awhile ago the windows version of ePSXe in Wine and it had issues. The linux version is just as good and is compiled to work in linux.

Retroarch is a bunch of emulators in one and I only had issues with. I like using specific emulators for each game console since the emulator projects focus on the one game console and not a dozen of them which means easier development and a better emulator for that console. Retroarch is an OK emulator for the consoles it covers.

I have tried Retroarch in the past and some of my games did not work in Retroarch but my games do work in other individual emulators.

Besides, there a PCSX2 runner which is a PS2 emulator, Dolphin runner which is a Nintendo Gamecube emulator. To add ePSXe will be amazing and will allow me to launch my PS1 games in Lutris!

Epsxe is no more in development isn’t it? It’s neither open source…The Linux port needs old GTK2 libraries not always installed on newer system.
And it is a pain to configure compared to Retroarch.
With Lutris, you associate your cue/bin PS1 cd image to Retroarch and launch it, that’s all and it just work.
You plug gamepad, it just works.
You plug 2 gamepads, it just works.

I’m curious to know the PS1 game you can not play with Lutris/Retroarch? Could you list some please, perhap’s I can help you.

I installed ePSXe easily using this script. It is also in the AUR. And Once installed it is very easy to configure. I find the default settings work for all of my games.

Happy to see you found a solution that fits your needs.

ePSXe has always worked for me on Linux, However I would like to have a ePSXe runner in Lutris.

If someone plans on making a ePSXe runner, they should look at these two links. The first link is a easy way to install ePSXe on Ubuntu, the second link the ePSXe AUR.