Epic Games will not launch

I tried to launch the Epic Games Launcher through Lutris, but it just stops in about 5 seconds!
Here is log: Ubuntu Pastebin
Although this log says FreeType is not installed, I have it installed. I have installed it using GNU Make (at least I believe that’s all it takes to install it, if not please inform me). Please help, what should I do?

I can press the reload button for Epic Games Launcher in Lutris which takes me to login screen. After logging in using email and password, I could install some games. So I tried installing Among Us, which showed it was running for a few seconds, but didn’t even pop up as a window and crashed instantly with the same logs as before.

Is EpicGameLauncher working now? If yes and only games fail, run wine-config from that prefix, go ‘Libraries’, add mf and set to builtin(wine). That’s what i did to get Borderlands 3 running. Maybe thats all it needs.

Nope, Epic Games Launcher still fails with same error. Am I making some mistake in installing FreeType?

Did you use this installer to install EGS on Lutris? It has all the fonts needed in the install script, otherwise use winetricks to add corefonts

Yeah, I just hit the configure button and then it prompted me to install Epic. Should I reinstall? I am ready to reinstall Lutris if needed too.

No idea what you mean by “I just hit the configure button” - did you run the install script I linked above in lutris to install EGS? If not, winetricks can be found (when you have EGS highlighted) at the bottom with the up arrow near the play button and wine glass. In winetricks, you need to continue to the add dll or component or the add fonts selection and find corefonts.

Sorry for miscommunication, yes I have installed the EGS using that install script, which prompted me to this.

Also, sorry but I couldn’t understand what you mean by adding corefonts or dll, could you please link me a guide or something?

I don’t know what happened, I installed steam through Lutris and now EGC is giving a different log: Ubuntu Pastebin
It doesn’t crash, but still not window.

You need to head to the discord server for help - follow the links on lutris.net and visit the #lutris_support area

Alright, thanks for your help.

Ok so turns out, I just had missing dependencies for wine :sweat_smile:
Easily installed from Wine 32bit dependecies
Thanks for help anyways!

Box of Shame…