Epic Games Store "no file provided"

I’m trying to play games from my Epic account. I install Epic Games Store thru Lutris, when I launch Epic Games Store, a window showing “No file provided” appears and I only can click “Accept”. The same for any game for EGS installed with Lutris.

any idea? I saw the “lutris -d” output and didn’t see anything like an error.


I’m having the same issue on Linux Mint.
When launching just a pop-up with “No file provided”.
lutris -d gives: https://pastebin.com/asFFGB7C

We can wait sit …

Ubuntu 19 10… I had the same situation, but I found a solution.

Install the Lutris version of Epic Mega Store in the default location. Below the Play button, there are four buttons – the 2nd from the left browses to the installation location – the 1st from the left opens the settings, and shows where it expects to find the folder “Epic Games” ----- for whatever reason, it is not there – which is why we get the error “No file provided”…

However, you must then download the Epic Store .msi Windows installer from Epic’s website, and then use Wine to install it into a different location. Once that installation is done, browse to where it installed. You will find the missing “Epic Games” folder. copy it, and paste it into the “Program FIles (x86)” location created by Lutris. Click the Play button again in Lutris, and boom – Epic Store works. Immediately it updates, but still worked for me after the update. So far so good – I’m currently downloading dependencies for an Epic Store game I own (The Witness), and will then download the game from the Epic Store and see if it all comes together and works.

Hope this helps.

The same issue for me, ubuntu 18.04