Epic Games Launcher Return Code 139

Hello. When I installed Epic Games Launcher, I was getting “No file provided” error. I manually fixed it by copying launcher files. Then Launcher didn’t open up at all. It just says running for a second or two, then stops. When searched the logs, I saw return code 139 which is segmentation fault I assume. Thanks.

Submit Issue: Ubuntu Pastebin
Lutris Log: Ubuntu Pastebin
(Epic Games Log is same as lines 39-45 in Lutris Log)

Return code is whatever a dev wants it to be. I’m guessing its coming from EGS launcher so there’s no way of knowing what it actually means. If the return code is coming from Wine then use a different Wine version and try running it again and repeat with different versions, types, etc. though you can also look that up since the source code is available and if you can understand code.

I don’t know what happened there for you. I can tell you it works, just ran EGS launcher today. But, I would say your original attempt with copying files could have led to it. You shouldn’t have had to do that.

You may have some learning to do. I don’t know. You should be able to install from the lutris link and it should install and work. If it doesn’t then you’re in the learn wine business and that is complex.