Epic Games Launcher - Other games

This is not really a Lutris issue.

Last week Epic gave away Subnautica for free.
I used Lutris to install the Epic Game Launcher (& opt out of beta) and then installed and played Subnautica.

Tonight Epic are giving away Super Meat Boy ( I know that I have it as a Linux native game in Steam).
(It looks like a game giveaway every two weeks.)

If I open the Epic Launcher I only see the main game tabs at the top eg Fortnite …Subnautica etc
How do I see my Epic games library ?
From the browser with epicgames.com I can click on Super Meat Boy - Install , it then says to download the Epic Launcher.
Does it need a new Lutris installer to install Epic Launcher + Super Meat Boy ?

Its to draw users/people away from Steam to Epics platform.
While I am all for freedom of choice latley another not-to-be-named platform isn’t doing too good on that front so to speak.

I don’t think on the Epic storefront it has a release/branch/package for Super Meat Boy for Linux unlike on Steam ( SteamDB link ).

Looking at the depo for the Windows version of SMB (Super Meat Boy) it needs DirectX9, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (32 & 64 bit) to run. Perhaps setting those up first might be a way around to run SMB from the Epic Launcher/install?

NB: Personal Point of View - Rather DRM free without the need for any “launcher” - like from GoG