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Epic Games browser login

I’m trying to play games that use the epic launcher, BL3 specifically, however, my epic account is via Google Login and when I click that option in the launcher it says to complete the login in your browser but no browser window appears so I cannot actually login. I’ve been googling and searching around but I can’t find any discussions as to what to do to get past this point. I tried the BL3 direct install and the Epic Games Launcher install in Lutris.
I made a test account for ‘email login’ and it works just fine. Epic doesn’t support account merging either, I looked into that option.

Hi, I sometimes also get that issue but after few attempts it login and it works.

Hi, iam facing same problem. Logs after i click Sign in with google:

ERROR: object ‘’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (failed to map segment from shared object): ignored.
need to run as root or suid

already tried install 32 bit libraries but it didn’t do the job.
Also tried to reinstall wine completely but it didn’t change outcome.