Epic Game - Failed to connec to EGS


I am trying to log in through Lutris and getting that error through the debug mode. I am using the “native” login method, not using Google or whatever

DEBUG    2022-09-24 18:03:08,915 [egs.login_callback:192]:Login to EGS successful
DEBUG    2022-09-24 18:03:08,916 [egs.login_callback:193]:b'{"redirectUrl":"https://epicgames.com/account/personal","authorizationCode":null,"sid":"c948cb95a4f6422fbb0cb4f46777ed23"}'
ERROR    2022-09-24 18:03:09,583 [egs.login_callback:213]:Failed to connec to EGS (Status 401): {'errorCode': 'errors.com.epicgames.unauthorized', 'message': 'You are not authenticated. Please authenticate.', 'correlationId': '625bc750-3c22-11ed-8ec3-31324c90c846'}

The log in is successful but then it is failing on the listing call or redirect. The launcher is then stuck in a loop looking for the game

I followed this and pasted the lutris/services/egs.py in the right folder.

I also applied this fix to lutris/util/steam/config.py