Enlisted's EasyAntiCheat kicks you after around 30 seconds of being in a server

I’m on ArchLabs, basically Arch Linux with only a few things tweaked about it, mainly that it only uses window managers as the default options.

Which means I use DK as my window manager, similar to DWM and bspwm,
My GPU is Geforce Nvidia 1060.

If you need more information, for example logs (Which I am not sure if they are needed in this case or able to be provided unless it logs why the anticheat is kicking me.)

I saw similar reports about this on Enlisted forums but it was from people on Windows 10.

My idea Is that it can be fixed if I just delete the EasyAntiCheat client off of my computer so it doesn’t load in the first place, in case you think that will work can you please tell me where it’s actually located? I saw it once actually being there but I totally forgot where I was randomly clicking to find it.

What could be causing it and how can I otherwise prevent it?

Same issue.
Debian 11 stable user here with Xfce4, nvidia-driver 470, kernel 5.10, latest stable lutris.
Hardware is R7 3700X CPU, nVIDIA GTX 1660S, 32GB RAM and so forth.
I hate anticheats. They don’t solve any problem, hackers will still hack, and yet here we are where genuine users are prevented from playing, and I have read this same issue with Windows users as well.

Same here on Nobara OS enlisted launched from Lutris. Have no idea where an existing log from EasyAntiCheat could be ?