Enabling .NET Framework in WINE

I am trying to play Control from the Epic Games Store installed using the Wine runner. But when I click to launch it, I get an error from Wine saying:

"This application could not be started. You must enable the .NET Framework from the Windows Features Dialog box (from Control Panel, choose Programs, Turns Windows Features on or off)."

However, opening winetricks (from Lutris’s interface) seems to show that the .NET Framework is indeed installed:

So I suppose I must have to enable it from control panel, but the wine control panel doesn’t have anything for enabling windows features. Is there any way I can enable the .NET Framework in Wine? Or is it possible that the problem is actually something else entirely?

Thank you for any help!

Most likely. Wine is not Windows, if dotnet is installed correctly in it then it works. So either the game is looking for a different version (like 4.7), or dotnet needs to be installed via winetricks (which has patches/workarounds for existing problems) instead of the game installer, or there’s some specific setting that is required for this version of dotnet to work correctly (like setting emulated API to Windows 7).

It could also be that the game is displaying incorrect error message and something else is broken instead, but unless it has the correct error info in log you have little chance of finding it out in that case.

Same problem here. Have you solved it?