Empty error dialog when starting Diablo 2 Resurrected

I was able to install via the battle(dot)net installer and download Diablo 2 Resurrected but the game crashes immediately with a black background and empty black dialog that just says “error”. Then the blizzard crash reporter pops up.

lutris --submit-issue

lutris -d

output logs:
none show up (“Output debugging info” is enabled)

I’ve tried lutris from source and many combinations of wine/dxvk with the same issue. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all the required dependencies. I’m suspecting some issue with my video card (NVIDIA 3060) specifically but don’t really have any clue. Any help is appreciated.

FYI I was able to work around this by using wine 6.0.1. In fedora I switched to the repos listed here (Fedora - WineHQ Wiki) and switching to wine-stable (with --allowerasing) and then switching lutris to system for wine.

Yeah the only way I can run the game is with lutris-6.0 runner at the moment. I have a RTX 2080 which is the equivalent of your GPU so it should run quite well.

Yes it does run well!

Is there a specific place to get past lutris runners? I just started using it and it only lists 6.14 to download.

Yes, if you click on the hamburger menu, you have “Manage Runners”, then scroll down to " Wine" and click on the toolbox icon on the left and you should see past Lutris version here.

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