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hello, it came to my attention that there does not seem to be a way to track changes to available installers for games on the database. let’s say for example to get a game to work in wine you have to use an obscure compatibility hack. later this gets patched and now you don’t, and there’s a performance boost. unless you actively checked (why would you, your game works) you wouldn’t know. this is why i feel the option to subscribe to an activity feed for a game would be useful. (yes, you could subscribe to individual installers, but i feel the game as a whole is a better option, you then know if there’s a new option to use it/an option you never would have considered is now amazing). also, a section to view progress of issue reports/submitted installer changes?

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we don’t handle installer updates at this point. Each installer installs the entire game so there would be no way of just re-applying some options. But that would be a very interesting feature indeed, and lots of people have expressed interest in having it so it’s certainly on our roadmap!

As for getting notifications for installer updates, that will also be implemented but I have to create a notification system on the website first.

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it might be interesting to make patches from one installer version to another possible though (for example maybe an installer uses an interception dll mod to improve graphics but a new one is developed, in that case it would simply be a matter of swapping files). either way the notifications would be useful (exempli gratifia, i thought of a few ways that the deus ex installer can be improved but i’d rather stagger the changes so i can test each update and ensure it works as intended, i would happily make a simple installer for pokemon tcg online but i don’t know if it was added yet (sorry about the spelling mistake… come to think of it submission editing capabilities would be good))