Elite: Dangerous Journal Not Updating

I used Lutris to install Elite: Dangerous using the Steam (Windows) Steam w/ DXVK version and its been working great. However, when trying to use tools that use information from your Elite Dangerous Journal file (which tracks all your progression, travel, accomplishments, etc.) to update a third-party database, I found that my Journal file is not being kept up-to-date.

Frontier Development purposely has the game output this journal file for third-party tool use because there is a lot to track in this game, with over 400 billion systems you can visit.

Googling for similar Elite Dangerous issues in Linux doesn’t get me anywhere. I do have the Journal file in the proper location:
/home/username/.wine/drive_c/users/username/Saved Games/Frontier Developments/Elite Dangerous/

Its just weeks out of date and not being updated.

I can play the game fine, and am thankful for that at least. But it is limiting my ability to interact with my game group or contribute to the community database.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!