Elder Scrolls Online

Can’t get it to install ESO :frowning: ESO is such a great game and it’s such a shame to not be able play it on Linux. Think I might as well start saving on a new PC.

Any of you got tips on how to do the trading in ESO? Heard a great deal about eso market on mmo, but wanted to check first with you guys. Maybe you know some other ways?

What’s the issue? It’s supposed to work alright under Wine.

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Did you use the lutris install script? ESO runs perfectly for me.


LoL. Looking into documentation helped. Thank you!

Hey! You can connect Steam ESO and non-Steam ESO, but for that you need to buy ESO in Steam. It runs perfectly through Steam with latest Proton. For example I have 30fps on Windows and ~55fps in Linux.