Elder Scrolls Online Wine Steam installer missing / Proton version not getting to character select?

I just upgraded from Xubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 (for the new year), and the one thing I was concerned about was still being able to run Elder Scrolls Online. I tested it just before the upgrade, and everything was working. But after the reboot, I kept getting an error that my DirectX version was unsupported. I hadn’t changed any settings in Lutris, so i wasn’t sure what was causing the error. Of course, my next step was to try removing and re-installing. However, I now only see the Proton version for Steam, not the Wine version. Has it been removed?

I get the feeling you are referring to the Winesteam installer, right?
To my knowledge this installer was removed because a) it wasn’t being maintained anymore and b) winesteam should be considered a last resort.

The game has a Gold rating on ProtonDB, so have you tried just using that? There’s not really a reason for a winesteam installer when the Proton version works out of the box (which Gold implies).

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Hi Tarulia,

Thanks. I think Proton had given me issues in the past, whereas the Winesteam one was working fine. I’m installing the Proton one at the moment (so many patches to download), so hopefully it will get working. Sometimes this computer of mine can be finicky.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Steam version of the game so I cannot test the Proton install.

Couple things for after the installation:

  1. You may have to install vcrun2010 in the prefix using protontricks (or winetricks with the right prefix-location, if you know it). Should not be needed since it’s Gold, but just keep it in mind.
  2. Your settings will be reset because the location of the settings files changed. For winesteam games, the location is fairly straight forward because it’s just in the directory you set as the prefix in Lutris, but for Proton games Steam keeps the settings in its own prefixes created by/for Proton. You can find the path here:
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Thanks. So it looks like the game launches, and I was able to find where to put the setting/other files, which is good. Unfortunately, the game is not getting past the login screen. But once I go past the login (automatic through Steam), it never loads the character select screen. The program just freezes. Not sure if I should make a separate thread.

Not getting to character select is weird… you can post a wine debug log:


To help you, we need logs! To create a log, first close Lutris completely. Then, open your terminal application, execute lutris -d and try to reproduce your issue. After that, you need to copy the output in the terminal and share it with us (all of it). It’s recommended to use this ad-free paste service: https://paste.ubuntu.com/

Then we can check if there’s anything we can find in there.

Otherwise the Lutris Discord is also an option for help

Thanks. I’ve done that. The logs are here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4Tq2SRY29Y/

My steps are as follows:

  1. Open Lutris (or in this case run lutris -d)
  2. Open game from list.
  3. Press the Play button from the launcher.
  4. Game launches, gets through splash screen, then login.
  5. Press any key to get through cinematic.
  6. Game starts to load character select screen, but abruptly freezes. I have to close the program manually.

Hopefully this helps.

Hm unfortunately nothing in there that immediately sticks out… getting the feeling that Steam is disabling wine debug though so that would probably have to be set in the launcher options…

Probably better to ask on Discord (or IRC) if you can though, lot more smart people there that might have an idea.

On a sidenote: Is it correct that it’s using the integrated Intel GPU?

Thanks. I’ll see if someone in the Discord can help.

As for the GPU, the laptop I’m using says it has an Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M card in it, so if that’s integrated in, then yes. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I’d get it to change.

Some more info: Have been trying different versions of Proton and using some advice from the people on Discord. However, I still can’t get it to work. Any version newer than 4.2-9 (EDIT: newer than 4.11-13) gives me a “DirectX version is unsupported” error, including the GloriousEggroll versions. But the game still freezes upon loading (or trying to load) the character select screen.

Another curious thing that I can’t figure out is where it’s getting my screen size settings. I was used to playing it in windowed mode, so that I could keep part of the Discord window visible (since no overlay for Linux). Somehow it’s remembered this, but it won’t reset even when I delete what I thought was the correct settings file (in the Documents\ESO\live folder), in every place it could conceivably look. And editing the file to change the resolution doesn’t work, so I’m not sure where it’s finding this information. Not sure if this is related to the issue.

This is resolved. Turns out I needed to re-install the right NVidia drivers after the upgrade. Now working, albeit with a bit of stutter.

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