Educate me. Should I reinstall World of Warcraft?

Hi wonderful people!

So I have Wow installed via Lutris and it works well. But I see that every few weeks there is a new version of Wine or DXVK released, and so the Wow installer script on understandably gets updated. What I’m wondering is if I need, or should, reinstall the game in order to benefit from these new versions of Wine and DXVK? As far as I know, my install uses whatever settings was best at the time I installed it, since I do not have the know how to tweak.

This is all in anticipation of Wow Classic, so if a reinstall is optimal in order to get best performance I will do that a week or so before launch. But I want to know if that is the correct way to go about it, or if I’m wrong in my assumptions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Are you experiencing any problems? Your game runs too slow on your system, or the FPS is low? If not, there’s nothing to improve, and the best course of action is not to bother with extra fiddling until you actually feel a need for it.

I’ve played WoW quite a few years ago on a potato (running Linux, of course), and I had no problems even though there was a bunch of addon scripts installed as well. So I suspect there shouldn’t be much trouble running it on pretty much any system regardless of Wine version and whatnot.

As for your actual question, if you (or the installer, I guess) didn’t set custom Wine/DXVK version then it’ll use global settings, and there’s no need for any extra changes. Unless the new Wine version breaks the old game prefix (in which case it’ll refuse to run, obviously), there shouldn’t be any compatibility or functionality issues.