Easiest way to make a game installer?

I found this free game made back in 2012 called “Souvenir”. I got it running pretty easily in Lutris with Wine, and I wanted to create an installer for others so they could try out the game.

Turns out, making an installer is super hard if you don’t know YAML (I don’t know it at all).

Is there a basic YAML script that simply:
downloads a zip from a url →
unzips that zip into the game directory →
runs a specific exe in the game directory with wine

Because that’s all that I would need it to do.

YAML itself is easy, it’s just a structured text file. The hardest part is the expected structure of the file, which hopefully isn’t that complex to learn with the right documentation. Which also contain example scripts to get you going.

    # The .exe to run the game
    exe: $GAMEDIR/specific.exe
    prefix: $GAMEDIR/prefix
    arch: win32
    working_dir: $GAMEDIR/prefix
    # download the zip file
    dist: <the URL of the zip file to download>
  - task:
     # extract the zip file to $GAMEDIR
        file: dist
        dst: $GAMEDIR

Then you need to adjust wine options, check the doc.

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