EA banning DXVK on Battlefield V

Good friends, finally after some time without being able to play Battlefield V for Linux, this week I was using lutris-4.21, I was having fun when my anti-cheat, FairFight, blew me out of the game, so I was banned. As I was not using any cheating, I think the anti-cheat considered dxvk or the table layer that used at the time as cheating, I sent an email to EA, is the alert.

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If you live within EU they’re obligated to give you any data they have on you.
If you didn’t brake any of the ToS they should reverse the ban.
See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bY_pPslgPE .
Some users in the comments claim that they got their acc unbanned after requesting their data.
Hopefully the next BF will be on steam :steam_locomotive:
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Well i have the same problem, i got banned on tuesday for cheating.

Fedora 31
wine tkg-protonified-3.21 ( from the lutris installer )
dxvk 1.4.6
and nvidia-driver 440.36

I opened a case already at the ea help site.
If someone got a reply from them pls update the thread here

Got banned also :frowning:

I opened a case to help.ea.com, it’s now in progress state. Will post here when I got answers.

Ps. BF1 still works.

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Open thread on forums.battlefield.com too.

So I got my response from EA.


Thank you for contacting us regarding the action that was taken on your account.

The action pertains to the following violation:

Promote, encourage or take part in any activity involving hacking, cracking, phishing, taking advantage of exploits or cheats and/or distribution of counterfeit software and/or virtual currency/items

After thoroughly investigating your account and concern, we found that your account was actioned correctly and will not remove this sanction from your account.

Thank you,
EA Terms of Service

Happy Christmas to you too EA!

Stop supporting companies that don’t support us. Vote with your wallet, as they say


Admire the sentiment, but it doesn’t have much impact after you’ve already paid your money.

Hi Friends I just received an email saying that the ban I took was correct, so all that remains is to not sponsor EA at all. For me you will not see any more penny.

@snappahead Depending on your bank you may be able to do a chargeback on the purchase of the game which costs EA even more money than simply refunding you.

So well - for some reason after contacting the ea help over twitter i git unbanned from them.
Not sure if this contact is related, but i guess so because i did not get the answer from them in the first place.

One more note:
I did not mention to use Linux at all in the ticket.


Product Name: BattleField V

Thank you for contacting us regarding the action that was taken on your account.

Your concern led to a full investigation of your account. After reviewing your case, we found your concerns valid and justified. We will make sure to prevent this in the future.

Your Account is active to play once more.

We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.

EA Terms of Service

But i am not sure if this is solved for now or permanent.

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Can you now play online again without being banned? Have you already tested it?

well - i can play online again without any problem.
Currently switched to lutris-5.0 and dxvk 1.5.3