Battlefield V script, Windows 7 is necessary to launch origin

When I try to install Battlefield V with Lutris script, it is give me a error, saying that Windows 7 is necessary.

When I cancel install, I check wine configuration and Operative Systen is on Windows XP.

How can I install it with Windows 7?

Thanks you very much.

Pd: I will try installing only origin script.

Don’t try to play bfv through whine. Chances are high that they gonna ban you since the anticheat detects dxvk as a cheat since its interfering with dx sadly :confused:

In my opinion this is currently most of the time safe to play and not get a ban.

there i was at least unbanned.

Can also confirm that game works now with wine. After couple months of my ban, I bought new cd key and created new EA account, played since about to level 70 without ban. If you get banned don’t mention that you use Linux and there’s a change to get unbanned.

Currently running with Lutris-5.7 and dxvk 1.61 and game runs great with 100-144 fps at multiplayer.

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Ty, I will try.