EA App/Lutris (Mint 21.2)

Hello :wave:

First i have to specify that i am french and beginner in Linux
Im on Cinnamon Mint 21.2 Victoria

I’m trying to play the sims 4 :

first I installed/tried to run it by steam/proton 7 and it launch EA App in black screen and crash 2 or 3mn later with no error code or report
(Impossible to launch the ea app screen in proton 8/experimental)

With Lutris :

When i add EA App in lutris by the + button, i have EA App icon in Library/Games and in Runners/Wine, but when i try to start it nothing appears (i’ve been waiting for 15mn…)

When i try to install it by the website, (EA App - Lutris) i follow the instruction in lutris and a few minutes later i have this error message :
TypeError(“wineexec() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘return_code’”)

I don’t understand… and help would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks all.

I was hoping someone had addressed the issue you mentioned. I am having the same problems.

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Just installed the EA app last night. Using wine-ge-8-25-x86_64 runner it runs fine. Also, when you get to the log in screen after install, click the X (close the EA App), then click CLOSE on the install screen. From there you should be able to run EA App just fine.

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In about lutris, make sure you are running 0.5.14. If not download and install the 0.5.14 deb from the downloads page → Ubuntu → git

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Thanks for helping,
I’ll try it soon