DXVK with WoW crashes my entire system


So I recently ran into some problems with Fedora and had to re-install. I stared with a mostly clean system and installed Lutris but when I launch WoW, as soon as the cinematic finishes the entire system crashes. The display dies, and I have to restart my computer. I installed Solus (a totally clean install - wiped the entire drive) and am getting the same result. I’m scared this is a driver issue because I’m running an AMD RX480 which I believe is supported with the mainline kernel, so I have no idea how I would troubleshoot this. I’m hoping this is just a Lutris issue.

The game DOES run if I disable DXVK, but only just. I get 1-2 fps and so it isn’t usable. But technically it runs.

I’ve googled about every error I can find. Some seem tangentially related but I can’t nail this down. I would appreciate any help.

Lutris --submit-issue: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/j9BpB8KpPY/
lutris > lutris.log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PGC4hs4n7d/
dmesg: (ubuntu paste)/p/FfnB5nmqzZ/
systemd: (ubuntu paste)/p/KGHkbmn9gG/

I think this should be everything, but if I left anything out just let me know.

Thank you!