DXVK/VK3D update breaks games (solution)

There’s a recent update to DXVK and VK3D that breaks a lot of games under Linux. Reverting to the previous versions of DXVK and VK3D solves the issue (for me, and for a lot of people I’ve seen posting around the Internet).

In Lutris, go to Preferences, select the Runners section, scroll down to Wine, and make sure “Show advanced options” is checked. Then change “DXVK version” to v1.10.3, and “VK3D version” to v2.6.

If you have custom settings for a specific game, you may also need to right-click the game, select Configure, and make the same changes under the “Runner options” tab.

Once there’s a new update and the issue is solved, you may want to revert to the default versions, so you benefit from updates (click the little broom symbols on the right sides of the options).

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It’s worth noting as I did in the other thread now, that part of the issue is that it is a major version update to DXVK (ie, 1.x to 2.x) and it literally breaks compatibility with older drivers.

So for many people a new update cannot and will not fix this issue because their graphics drivers are incompatible with the newer DXVK versions by design, so it depends on whether you can update those drivers at all to fix this.

Driver compatibility here: Driver support · doitsujin/dxvk Wiki · GitHub

Major version updates should never be done silently.
I hope this behaviour is changed.

Oh, that’s worse. Thanks for the information.