DXVK Install to WineSteam

I tried DXVK for the first time today with Evolve Stage 2 with fantastic success! The only pain I experienced was getting Steam to install it and everything since the tutorial I followed had me setup a (vanilla, not WineSteam) Wine prefix. Curious: if I replaced the DLL’s for the normal WineSteam runner so those games use DXVK instead of OpenGL, will this be “optimal” ? Are a lot of games that once worked with OpenGL going to stop working under DXVK? If there’s a different better way, what would you all suggest?

A few games I’d like to be playing are League of Legends, StarCraft II, Skyrim, Fallout 4, The Witcher (1,2,3), The Sims 3, The Witness, Dragon Age: Origins, and Homeworld Remastered. Off the top of your heads, have any of these experienced issues with DXVK? So far, a few of these have been successful out of the box with OpenGL. Haven’t tested others (or ran into issues) like with Fallout 4.

Hi, first and foremost. I have always had issues with running winesteam through Lutris. For whatever reason things have just been somewhat difficult, so basically I install steam into a runner and then take it from there (probably just me and my setup).

Anyway; ge 3.6 is probably the runner you are looking for. I know it does not come with a lot of info in the runners tab, but it contains several patches for League of Legends/ Fallout and others. It also has tweaked PBA patches as well.

I currently use it to run fallout, world of warcraft 1.12 and kingdom come deliverance.

DXVK can be easily set up using the dll overide system without worrying if it will affect opengl as opengl/dx9 games will simply ignore the dxvk patches. PBA (Persistent Buffer Allocation) improves performance of both dx9/11 games, whether you choose to install the DXVK dlls or not.

In my tests, wine with PBA improved dx9/11 performance by around 70-80% for warcraft 32 and 64 bit.

Hope this helps.