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[DXVK] Divinity Original Sin 2 not starting



I messed up my Prefix a bit so I decided to create a new one. Since Lutris recent Update I don´t get DOS2 working anymore. (I think this has nothing to do with the Update!)
Could someone have a look at my Errormessages and tell me What to do?

The game starts but has a Blackscreen and the DOS2 Mousecursor and then nothing.

Im Using Manjaro Linux (So its basicly Arch)

I realised, that it tries to tell me, that In should install “” But is that the reason why its not starting. I have installed Libpng(32) and Libpng12(32).



Does this help at all?

I have the same issue you are having, but even doing the some of the same tweaks as the video, I just get the DOS2 cursor appear on my desktop.


Yesterday evening (now it´s in the morning : ) ) I saw this video.
I´m pretty sure that this game will be playable again, if we wait for a recent version of DXVK.
He is using r1196.e8ac81f/ from 06-Jun-2018 12:14. I didnt want to install this version manually. I was a bit short in time for the last few week, so I decided to play the First Divinity Original Sin in its native Linux version first and have another look at the second part later.

Edit: lol how that sounds: Short in time and play the first part… That games takes hours and hours and hours… :smiley:


0.54 has been released so you could give that a try, that way you won’t have to install that version manually, and 0.54 version is after that commit. Since I’m not getting a black screen I might have a slightly different issue.