DXVK checkbox disappeared

Running Lutris on my Laptop (Ubuntu-MATE installed, but now on XFCE). A few days ago I had WoW running with DXVK via Dox’ scripts; HUD was showing. However now the DXVK checkbox in Lutris has disappeared and no game is using DXVK, no HUD is appearing. I am not aware of any change I’ve made between the two. I went to the Wiki page for DXVK, made sure that the prereqs were installed. No change.

Even putting DXVK into ~/.config/lutris/runtime/dxvk doesn’t help.

Have you tried reinstalling Lutris? did the errors happen after such desktop environment change, or is that completely unrelated?

Lutris is a python software which comes with pre-built menus and stuff, I see no reason other than launching a different Lutris version to have that menu taken away.

I have not, yet. Was hoping to avoid it. I can’t tell if it coincided with the DE change.