Dragon's Dogma Xbox Controller

Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t seem to want to use xinput with my xbox one controller.

I’ve double-checked to make sure things are configuring properly, but instead of using xinput, the game uses Wine’s Joystick Configuration firmware. It seems quite particular with Microsoft X-Box One pad (Firmware 2015) (event), enabling that whenever I run the game, even if I’ve gone back and disabled it to try to force it off.

This itself wouldn’t be a huge issue, but the Game Controllers dialogue is broken and is registering the L and R triggers as another analog stick, placing the cursor in the top-left corner, which makes configuring the controller a pain: Camera is set to L and R triggers by default for whatever reason, and two main functions are gone.

Any insight?

Have you check it through Wine.Steam? Works OK on non-Wine Steam? How do you connect the controller to PC, with a wireless usb base or directly on usb?
It would help to config, and may be even adress the issue comparing both Steams. You could probably overwrite the one not working as intended with the another if working good.

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