Dragon Quest 11-CODEX Lutris Profile Help

Hey the legendary codex released a crack to this beautiful game and i dont want to have to install windows to play it. I know people have got this running on linux before ive tried setting it up with esync 3.15 and dxvk 0.70 and got it installed with crack and everything but everytime i try to lauch the game it just poops out and stops.

Im on ubuntu 18.04. Sorry im still very new to all of the linux stuff any help would be awesome! thanks beforehand

Well if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it seems like all the profiles i make continue to lauch but quit right away in lutris

You can thank the crack for that, Denuvo being a bastard and all.

Just bought it on Steam, though, and it runs perfectly. Just trying to figure out how to get my controller working in it.