Dragon Ball: FighterZ : does it work with Lutris?


Dragon Ball: FighterZ is mentioned on the list of Lutris. It seems to have an up-to-date installation script. I tried it but the games does not start at all.

Does somebody know if the game works with the provided installer ?

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What operating system do you use?


I use Kubuntu 18.04.

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No it doesn’t work in Wine because of DRM.

I thought the game was playable as it is mentioned on the Lutris library : cf https://lutris.net/games/dragon-ball-fighterz/ and nothing indicates that it is garbage.


@cxf maybe right.

I don’t own the game but a quick check within winehq: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=36307&sAllBugs

Indicates that the game is probably unplayable and this is from 2nd of Feb 2018.

Yeah this is why I prefer users submit their own in-game screenshots. It’s kind of misleading. Anyway I marked the game as Garbage.

I tested here, denuvu is a kick in the balls, and not work with wine yet.

Hi there.
You can play Dragon Ball Xenoverse instead.
It runs well w/o bug.