Download dxvk 1.4.4

How do I download an old version of the dxvk?

Select another version in the options / settings menu in Lutris for that game.

the only way i know is to download the version from the DXVK github page:
and then install it manually i think you have to disable dxvk in lutris for that because otherwise lutris might overwrite DXVK with their version but i’m really not sure if you want an older version of DXVK because i’m not aware of any regressions in the newer versions

I downloaded from DXVK github and extracted into Lutris’s DXVK folder. In the game settings I type 1.4.4 into the DXVK version, and it worked.

The regression is with the Dunia Engine, above DXVK 1.5 there are graphical errors (shimmering trees, flickering sky)

ah i found something in the issues tab of DXVK and this is a known problem but it seems to be a game bug so the developer of DXVK didn’t want to invest any more time on that problem