Dota 2 (native) Vulkan Support

I swear I could play Dota 2 on Steam using the Vulkan API earlier this year, but the game simply won’t start now. And when it does, by chance, it will crash whenever an actual game asset loads (3d character in the hero select screen).

The steps are

  • Download Vulkan Dota 2 support DLC
  • Set it up on the in-game menu (after succesfully launching with opengl)
  • trying to launch the game and nothing happening
  • setting the -vulkan -vconsole flags on Set Launch Options, wielding the same results

Vulkan libraries are fine because DXVK works everywhere.
Generic graphics setup:

  • Ryzen 5 2400G (Vega 11 iGPU)
  • Mesa 18.2 (Padoka)
  • kernel 4.18.5
  • linux mint 19 cinnamon
  • llvm 8.0 (Padoka)

Can anyone test a bot match with Vulkan and confirm wheter it works or not? thanks!

I’m a bit confused by this. Are you running Dota 2 through Wine? If so, I’d recommend you just use the native Linux version of the game, since this supports Vulkan. If not, why do you mention DXVK?

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I mentioned DXVK because it uses Vulkan. Dota 2 native is not working on the Vulkan API, so I mentioned to prevent the classic “update your vulkan drivers” suggestion, for example.

Vulkan was not working for me until i put a taskbar on my second monitor, then it worked…no idea if this is your issue

Omg, what’s that about? I don’t have a second monitor, but I can possibly try that janky solution later…

Dota 2 will open on the wrong monitor no matter what because it see’s more space on the 2nd screen…there is a work around but that work around crashes in vulkan…so i just added a taskbar to the 2nd screen so the space on both monitors was =. With 1 monitor I have never had vulkan not work

Interesting. Since you already have two monitors, can you confirm it DOES NOT work if you unplug one of them?

It’s probably worth a bug report on dota2-vulkan. If you can confirm it, I may open an issue over there. Just to be clear, what’s your setup? (CPU+GFX specially)

This is the bug I had

Thanks. I tried it, and it’s funny how -phased_window_create generates a tiny dota 2 in the corner of my screen, but it’s not working yet. Since one of the persons there mentioned some DEs have a bit of trouble working with Dota, that might be the lead to the solution!

I’m under Cinnamon DE and Muffin WM right now.