Dosbox runner - was it removed from Lutris?

I’m a Steam Deck user, running Lutris on Steam OS.

I recently updated Lutris to version 0.5.14. Since doing so, most of my installed games no longer launch. Many of these games used the DOSbox runner.

I’ve noticed in the Configure window for the games that used dosbox, the ‘Runner’ field is now blank - no runner is selected. When I click on the dropdown menu, dosbox is no longer one of the options. I think this might be why the games have stopped running.

Was dosbox removed as a runner in a recent update? Or am I overlooking something?

I solved this by re-installing one of the affected games via Lutris, and during installation Lutris appeared to re-download dosbox. Dosbox now appears in the list of runners in Configure, and the games are working again automatically. Hooray.