DOSBOX run a linux app before launch

I am trying to run a linux software midi app (mt32emu-qt) before my game runs (colonization) so I get the nice mid.

I cannot find where to put this on Lutris. I have set up the runner to be dosbox etc.

Thank you!

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Dosbox-staging has MT32 built in

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wouldn’t you know, my Lutris was already using dosbox-staging… glad I found out before mess around trying to install it!
Thank you ComodoDragon, I am all set now!!!

Before I mark the question solved, do you know how can I run a linux app before dosbox on lutris?

There’s a pre-launch and a post-exit script option, write a bash script and point Lutris to it.

I created a bash script but nothing happens.

I named it and put this inside
#! /bin/sh

then made it executable via the GUI and in the console I can run it
and the musescore app runs

I then added the script in my game in Lutris, in the System Options / Pre-launch script
and the script does not run. Neither if I put it in the manual script

Anyone has any more ideas?

Try asking on reddit, there are more users than here.