Dosbox + Glide: Call for contributions

I’m trying to get a build of Dosbox with Glide support enabled, and have been following this tutorial :

The game I’m testing it with is Tomb Raider with the 3DFX patch. No matter what I try, I always get the same message when the game launches: No PCI bus detected.

I have started to work on a build script here:

I’d like it a lot if we could ship Dosbox with 3DFX support in Lutris, this would make a few games much better.

I also tried the build provided here: which works but I had serious issues with the controls in the game.
I found this old PPA for Ubuntu Maverick but I had the same issue I had with my own build:

Does anyone want to give it a try? What about Arch users? Do you manage to play Tomb Raider with the 3DFX patch when installing this: ?