DOS-BOX Command

I am trying to set up “Die Fugger2”. It needs to load the CD every time or otherwise you get a kernel error. I can very easily fix this if I start the game manually and load the CD, but it would be much nicer using lutris.

Sadly lutris always just directly runs the .exe.

Is there some way how I can execute a DOS-BOX command before running the actual fugger2.exe command (which is done automatically by the runner)?
I tried to simply add the command as a pre-launch script, but that doesnt work so I assume that it actually happens before launching the DOS-BOX. I also found no documentation about pre-launch scripts or the config in general.


You can mount the iso or folder as a cdrom using the dosbox config file. To run the game just point lutris to the config file

mount C “$GAMEDIR/HDD” -t dir
imgmount D “$GAMEDIR/CDD/DISC1/GAME.iso” -t iso

cd gamedir

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thank you very much for your help.

Short answer: It basically works.

Long answer:
[autoexec] is not used (at least it looks like that) when running a Game using DOS-BOX as a Runner. However if you just run the Runner [autoexec] is used and it works like a charm.

Tbh I dislike this solution a little (even though it works) because it affects other DOS-BOX games as well. So far I’m only playing “Fugger2”, but imagine I wanna play a second game and then this solution is not feasible anymore since autoexec would start “Fugger2” instantly.

A far better solution would be an option to set an autoexec for every single game in lutris.

Because lutris (when running a game and not directly the Runner) apparently suppresses the autoexec it looks like it CAN indeed (at least in theory) modify autoexec for a game.

But yea atm my problem is fixed; thanks a lot

This should only have an affect game your are running.

This is the set up for Heart of China a dosbox game. In the “Configuration” dialog on the “Games Options” tab the “Main File” entry is pointing to the file “heart_of_china.config”

The file heart_of_china.config is inside the Heart of China game folder.

file: heart_of_china.config

mount C “/home/user/Games/heart-of-china/HDD” -t dir
cd china