Doom making computer hard crash

I installed Doom (vulkan) with Lutris installer and seem to have a problem with hard crashes. The game runs butter smooth for 1-10 minutes and then the whole screen freezes. I am unable to even get to another TTY from that crash so only Alt+SysRq+B helps for telling Kernel to just reboot.

Journalctl did not show anything interesting for that previous boot to me… only line that popped out was from Lutris: AL lib: (EE) ReleaseThreadCtx: Context 0x7ff6c8483f40 current for thread being destroyed, possible leak!

My system:
Distro: Arch
CPU: i5-4570
GPU: RX 480
GCC: 8.2.0
Mesa: 18.1.5
Wine used for running Doom: 3.13(System)

I tried 3.11 staging also but it looks like it results with same issues.