Donwload Bigs games on lutris (Requests, and questions for patch)

Good morning everyone!

I bought a “big game” : Baldurs gates 3.
I say “big” because it has more than 110GB to download, and my connection is wifi, no fiber. I have more than 2 days of download…
I do not like to let my pc run permanently, and when downloading lutris long enough I usually have small cuts net, result I lose ALL my download.

Is there a technique on lutris (like on steam or memory galaxy) that allows you to pause the download and resume it at another time?

So I download the game little by little, from gog, file by file.

And I am very happy because the game works!
But…how can we install the additional patches proposed by gog? The game is not installed since the installer lutris, it does not offer it.
I placed the exe files in the game folder, but nothing automatic either, nor proposal.

How do we do that?

Thank you for your reading and advice! :slight_smile:
I wish you all a beautiful day!

To run an update, open Lutris an select from bottom bar “Run exe within a prefix”. To do so, single click the game icon and then the “wine glass” popup menu. The executable has not necessarily to be in same directory as game, you can pick it from any folder/directory you have access to.

Warning about GOG patches: i had lots of trouble with them during install in “Grim Dawn”, as a result a had to download the entire game again (10 gb or so). I strongly advise to do a backup in your case.

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Thanks for the idea fendrick.

Strange, everytime i have "Error code 256)

Sorry long time i didn’t go on lutris !

Thanks for you help but…this method did not work for me.
For me, a message tel me the executable need to be in the same directory game xD