Don't see newer steam games

I don’t see my newer steam games. I see my older ones just fine but the ones I have from more then a bout a year ago stored importing. I don;t know what but I got RE4 from a friend a few weeks ago but It is not in my library on lurtis but is on steam. Does anyone have an idea? I’ve looked into it don’t see any thing however.

EDIT: Just so we are on the same page I’m on flatpak

Well I see it in the steam source now but not in the games tab.

If it is just in your library but not installed yet, check for the “installed games only” - three bars in top right.
Please also check the version of Lutris - the older 5.16 client had some issues.

My Version is 5.17 if it matters but sadly that did not work. I installed a game that is not showing up in the games tab and is still not their. Any other ideas?

BTW sorry for the late replay. I’m graduating and all right now.

Actually After login out and login back in I see SOME new ones but not ALL of them. Any ideas?

Yeah that is weird. Check if there’s anything in common about those titles. Are they shared with you? Are they all recent purchases?

If you have extra volumes (like /games) and multiple steam folders, then it might be the flatpak doesn’t have access to those areas (iirc use “flatseal” to extend a flatpak’s access).
Also check permissions on both Lutris and Steam content are owned by your Linux user (and I’m guessing you run flatpak as that user)

Try manually launching the flatpak and running Lutris in debug mode (lutris -d), and see if it gives anything when you do a refresh.
You can also dive into the flatpak into a shell and check the Lutris database directly. If it is actually listing them, then the issue isn’t with the sync, it’s something else.

$ sqlite3 ~/.local/share/lutris/pga.db “.dump service_games” | grep -i “Resident”

I personally use the bleeding edge Git version of Lutris and ULWGL with no issues (except the odd Python issue I occasionally cause myself) :slight_smile: