Don't manage to install games on Lutris

Thanks for this software, I’m sure when I master it, it will be my best one.
I would love to install games like Pokemon blue and play with it, but when I click on “install”, it creates a folder “pokemon blue” in the Games folder, then it asks me where the ROM is.
The problem is, I thought the ROM would be downloaded and placed in the folder in question, am I wrong?
Previously, I downloaded a rom for that game, I used visualboy advance and it played well, so I indicated the location of that ROM in the field asking for it. It makes Lutris crash.
The strange part is that pokemon blue is listed in my runners but it will not work.

Did I do something wrong?

I think a download from lutris is not provided because it would be a copyright break…
But after getting my ROM (totally legitime and legal of cause) I would have done exactly what you did…

Can you explain in more details how you made Lutris crash? That’s the real issue here…