Does the new SteamPlay functionality actually change anything?

I assume this means Lutris will detect Proton as well as Wine for running Windows games and be able to launch them through Steam, but other than that, not much will happen with Lutris?

i hope not. however i hope that others like gog will be inspired by this and use lutris for multi platform support

SteamPlay its just AMAZING!!!

I haven’t tested it extensively, but some games I’ve tried work with SteamPlay but not Wine and vice versa, so it’s good to keep both around. I think the main practical difference for Lutris would be differentiating Steam installers for games that use SteamPlay from Steam installers from games that run on Linux natively.


I tried it and well it’s much better then Wine Steam in some games but yeah not everything is working now.

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Is there already a list available, where one can see which games work better with which WINE implementation?

I found this spreadsheet.


This is pure gold, thank you!

I think all it means for Lutris is that the “Wine Steam” runner will be used a lot less.

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Depends. I noticed games can’t be installed using winesteam anymore because of an odd bug (saying “network error” while steam network works perfectly) but it started appearing a few before the announcement of Steam Play. Maybe they try to prevent people to use steam under wine (they already tried before, for a time)

The good point in Steam Play against Lutris is that you will be count as a linux user in steam stats.
But I think that lutris allow more tweak in the settings that Steam…

It would make sense for Lutris to simply launch these games through Steam (or a configured version of Proton if you set one up) and basically act as a front end or launcher, like it does for “regular” steam games.

But yes, having Linux playtime count is really important.

I would love to hear if the devs have an opinion on this

Strider has something planned for SteamPlay/Proton.


It already does. Install a proton game, launch lutris and sync your library.

Can you explain a bit more?

I started native Steam and installed two Proton games. Then I (re)started Lutris and in Lutris itself I clicked to synchronise libraries. Can’t find the two games anywhere

Did I miss something?

It should just be there under your Steam category in Lutris. (Steam, not WineSteam or Linux) The only possible difference I can think is that my Steam profile was set to public when I synced but I can’t see it being that. It should just be there and marked as installed.

Lutris is more than wine launcher…

I’m switching mostly to steam proton whenever i can. But even if i’ll move all my steam games i’ll keep lutris on. 1 for customization access, 2 for all the emu support and good spot to launch all other games I install.

Also we’ll see how it goes with proton we might get more customization options and quicker access through lutris.

Nope, didn’t do it for me. Also synced via website, same.

Both of these games are not official SteamPlay games, but installed via SteamPlay, so maybe it only works for supported ones. Funnily, “Proton 3.7” shows up as a new Steam game (but another app ID than my mentioned games)

It’s not breaking for me, as I have Steam running besides Lutris anyway, was just wondering why it didn’t show up for me :slight_smile:

Oh in that case you have to add it as a manual linux launcher.

Executable = /usr/bin/steam
Argument = steam://rungameid/“gameid”