Does my game work?


I just launched my game here and created (a currently-unapproved) installer. The installer works for me (I can download the installer file, feed it to the client via -i, and see the game install/run correctly).

Do you mind testing it and letting me know if it works (or not) for you? I have at least one report that it fails to run on ArchLinux.

I can confirm it runs on Ubuntu 16.04.

works on Xubuntu 16.04

Sorry, I’m really taking a long time to fix the installer submission process. Hope to get it properly working by the end of next week.

Thanks @scottviger.

@strider the submission process is alright. I was able to puzzle it out with experimentation, and the docs are pretty good once you understand the overall structure. For a new person, there’s a big hurdle here.

The biggest issues IMO are:

  • Lack of complete, working example file to copy/paste/modify/understand (eg. it’s not clear where you specify game vs installer as top-level or sub-level items)
  • Once you save the draft, if you click Download Installer for local testing, the file isn’t updated. You have to delete the installer, create a new one, and re-paste the content to get the updated JSON file for local testing.

I have to go through this process again for two Wine games. If you like, I can open a separate thread and/or GitHub issues so we can track/discuss appropriately (I don’t want to sideline this thread too much).

yep, installs and runs on Ubuntu 14.04 I got a score or 47

Thanks @Randall_Stevenson. It’s a tough game by the way … very challenging.

How did you guys install the game?

When I check the game page, it shows only one unpublished installer called “Test installer.” I had renamed it quite a while back.

Does that name show for you too?

Sorry to be noobish, it’s my first game on Lutris.

Yes i installed this version, yes it works, yes it is named Test installer.

You need to name your script with the right name the first time.
You can’t edit a script after you send it.
Wait for an Admin to change it for you (;

Thanks for clearing that up. I have no issues editing, copying, deleting, and recreating the installer with the proper name.

Done. There should be a v1.0.1 installer now.