Does lutris Violate warframe Terms and Agreements?

My account has been suspended on Warframe, I have contacted support, but thats not why im here. Was I banned because I am using lutris?

I very much doubt it. No one from DE has ever raised concerns with anyone using Wine.

This question has been asked on Warframe Forums as well. A [DE] member mentioned that anything that allows you to play the game as it is is not considered bannable. What they wouldn’t want would be some kind of hack to get more resources or change weapon interactions, etc (since the game seems to rely on some information from the client’s side).

As far as Wine and DXVK are concerned, everything seems alright.

They did say that changing a certain file to allow Discord integration would be bannable, though, since it interacts with game functionalities.

If you wish further explanation, I can dig some links for these (if you didn’t find yourself). Good luck with your support ticket, either way.

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thanks man I have finally got my account unbanned. I was told that DE had no idea why I was banned, and that they are sorry for any inconvenience

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Great to know!

Thankfully, it seems that their community managers and support really interact with the players.