Does install location matter?

So I have decided recently to dual boot Linux on my system with windows. My question is I noticed when I install any game on my secondary drive which is strictly storage, but it’s ntfs drive. The games don’t even launch at all, but once I install them to my linux partion they work fine. Problem is my linux partion doesn’t have enough space for games. Will I need to partion my secondary drive with ext4 or am I doing something wrong for them work under ntfs?

AFAIK, it’s a permission issue, Windows doesn’t handle rights in the way linux does.
I think you’ll need make a ext4, but I’m not 100% sure.
Maybe someone more competent will weigh in…

That’s what I figured I do plan on getting a aonther drive eventually and formating one for ntfs and another for ext4. My current 2nd drive fills to quick do to using it for games and back ups plus I point my downloads, documents, pictures and etc there.