Does anyone with any actual power over the Lutris even reads this forum?


The original title for this post was supposed to be:
Game change suggestions should allow developers not in some db

I was trying to add Free Lives as Broforce’s developers, however Lutris-website tries apparently search the developers from some sort of database and fails. Unless Lutris developer-database includes every single developer in the world, this seems only some sort anti-vandalism-mechanism at best.

Yet, other requests seem to be completely ignored as well:


Does anyone with any power over Lutris actually reads this forum or is this some remnant webapparatus and anything remotely important takes place only in GitHub and/or Discord?


Short answer:

Long answer:
Also no, but longer

Just kidding, I wouldn’t know, but I don’t think the active developers are checking this forums. This space is mainly for us the community to chat and help each other.

For real issues with Lutris you would need to fill a bug report on git.

I also do not know if they check on the discord space but I’m not active in there so I also wouldn’t know.